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Sports activities at "SportHouse"

"SportHouse" offers a wide range of activities that will come up to all tastes and expectations:

  • one-day biking, skiing and water tours around most picturesque and remarkable natural sites of the neighbourhood;
  • windsurfing on funboards and boards with centerboards in summer;
  • kitesurfing with balloon kites and aerofoils;
  • windsurfing on ice and snow on Snowfer boards in winter;
  • kite snowboarding or kite skiing in winter;
  • kite-piloting lessons;
  • kite buggying or kite mountainboarding in off season;
  • Fishing at SportHouse
  • biking, skiing and water tours around Lake Naroch, Lake Beloye and Lake Myastro;
  • rod fishing or spinning in summer and winter;
  • volleyball, table tennis, gorodki, basketball, darts, air gun shooting;
  • car trips around the points of interest of the Naroch district.

Those who are eager to learn the art of kitesurfing, windsurfing or kite-piloting can get lessons from "SportHouse’s" qualified and friendly instructors.

"SportHouse" also offers rent of kiting and surfing equipment, bikes, snowboards and alpine skis.

All activities are available for Sporthouse guests as well as for all tourists and holiday-makers on Lake Naroch.

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in summer

in winter

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Маунтингборд Кайтинг Виндсерфинг Багги

Kite mountainboarding


Kitesurfing and windsurfing



Windsurfing on ice and snow.

Kite snowboarding and kite skiing

Kite buggying

What is kitesurfing?

There are extreme sports, there are sports that are less extreme, there is chess... and there is kitesurfing!!!

Kitesurfing is an action sport that guarantees you enjoyment and unforgettable experiences regardless of whether you kitesurf on water, snow or ice. Even experienced kiters would never have two identical rides, every time it is different due to constantly changing wind strength and direction, air and water temperature, shore conditions, equipment being used, etc. Once you try it, you’ll immediately grasp the attraction of this thrilling sport. Feel the power of the wind in your hands and the speed of the board, and you’ll remember this feeling for long.

Kitesurfing means competing against nature – and against your very own nature as well. This breathtaking and challenging play bolsters up the latent resources of your body and uncovers new features of your character. And what is most important, while overcoming the difficulties in kitesurfing, you somehow become better prepared to face the vicissitudes of your everyday life. This sport possesses a great eye-opening capability and can help you develop self-reliance and stress-resistance and get rid of unnecessary emotional fuss.

Kitesurfing has multiple forms ranging from surfing on waves or snow to speed racing and jumping which is close to flying. Kitesurfing does not require a lot of physical strength and can be practised by both adults and teenagers. Kitesurfing is sometimes considered to be an extreme sport.

But don’t be scared away because of this. You can select your own risk level – it depends on the kite size and the wind strength. Problems will also be minimized by taking professional instruction.

Equipment for kitesurfing is comparatively compact and lightweight so you can take it with you when you go on a trip. The cost of the equipment is comparable to that of the alpine skiing equipment.

For more information on kitesurfing and windsurfing, visit

What is windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a sport and recreational activity. Apart from that, it is a feeling that is hard to beat. It involves speed, fantastic movements when you act as a single whole with the board and the sail, and lots of fun and personal gain. In a word, it is an adventure.

Виндсерфинг зимойWindsurfing skills rely basically on the technique, thus opening a variety of opportunities both for males and females of any age. With latest equipment and professional training services, the learning process has become much simpler and quicker. Belarusian surfers have already made good progress and are continually improving their performance so you can get an extra stimulus observing their achievements.

Windsurfing is never boring. Every move is a new possibility; every wave is a new sensation. No matter how far you have advanced, there will always be new stunts and maneuvers to master. Options are virtually infinite and you’ll never be disappointed.

Windsurfing has a number of disciplines such as racing with big sails and wide boards in low winds, slalom at top speeds in high winds, acrobatic tricks (jumps, rotations, loops) in free style on flat water, and, of course, wave – the very spirit of windsurfing, the manifestation of a person’s philosophy and ambitions. Just decide which type of windsurfing appeals you most – and get started. Whatever you do in windsurfing, you are sure to have a rewarding and memorable time.

Windsurfing is an ideal activity for those who love water, sun and travel and are looking for a rush of adrenaline!

For more information on windsurfing, visit these two web-sites:


One-day trips to the most beautiful places

of the Myadel district

Programme I: Lake Myadel.

Route length: 15 km by car, 5 km by bike (skis).

  1. Transportation to the start point of the route in a minibus.
  2. Bike ride (skiing).
  3. Lunch in the open air.
  4. Kite-piloting lessons (subject to wind conditions).
  5. Alpine skiing or snowboard lessons (subject to snow conditions).
  6. Return to Sporthouse.
  7. Viewing of photos and videos made during the day.


rent of equipment 




photography and video filming  

$ 5

transportation in a minibus (for a group) $10

Programme II: Blue Lakes.

Route length: 50 km by car, 10-20 km by bike.

  1. Transportation to the start point of the route in a minibus.
  2. Sightseeing in Komarovo and Olshevo.
  3. Bike trip along Blue Lakes.
  4. Lunch in an old-style Belarusian house.
  5. Getting acquainted with the Belarusian national culture and traditional lifestyles.
  6. Return to Sporthouse.
  7. Viewing of photos and videos made during the day.




photography and video filming  

$ 5

transportation in a minibus (for a group) $20
rent of bikes                                        $10


Programme III: Lake Beloye.

Route length: 12 km by bike.

  1. Start from Sporthouse by bike.
  2. Bike ride to the camping site on the shore of Lake Beloye.
  3. Fishing, sports activities and games.
  4. Lunch in the open air.
  5. Return to Sporthouse along Lake Naroch.
  6. Viewing of photos and videos made during the day.



photography and video filming  

$ 5

rent of bikes                            $10


Programme IV: Lake Naroch – the Narochanka River.

Route length: 10 km by kayak, 15 km by bike.

  1. Start from Sporthouse by kayak.
  2. Kayaking down Lake Naroch and the Narochanka River to the camping site.
  3. Lunch in the open air.
  4. Return to Sporthouse by bike.


rent of kayak (for 2 persons) 




photography and video filming  

$ 5

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